“Untying The Knot videos are a great resource. I really wish I would have used the videos from the beginning of my divorce.” – Robin Louie San Diego, CA

“I used the Untying the Knot (UTK) videos for several months, while going through my family law case. It reminded me to stop using the emotional part of my brain and use my rational side of my brain. It helped me understand the family law process. Its really a fantastic product.” – Gerardo C. San Diego, CA

“These videos are life savers. I literally felt like I was losing it, until i watched these videos. They gave me a peace of mind.” – Cheryl H. Ventura, Ca

“I wish I found UTK sooner, could have saved me so much more money!When I started using UTK I had already spent $20,000 in attorney fees.” – Bob D. San Diego, CA

“This site helped me get more time with my son! I now have my son every weekend.” – John A. San Jose, CA

“I found my Ex’s hidden income and got more support thanks to Untying the Knot.” – Alexandria R. Oxnard, CA

“The videos on Untying the Knot helped me get my life back.” – Dianna D. Los Angeles, CA

“The Abusive Spouse and ATROS videos helped me, completely. Knowing more about the process helped me be prepared and less nervous.” – Shannon C. Los Angeles, CA

I started asking too many dumb questions but once I started watching and learning from UTK many of my questions were answered and it was a much cheaper way to get them answered with great suggestions.” – Joe V Alexandria, VA

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