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Glossary of Legal Definitions

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The following list of legal definitions taken from the California Court's website may be useful in your California Family Law case. For further definitions in other areas of law not covered here, please visit the California Court's website.



When an appellate court agrees with the lower court decision and allows it to stand. (See also affirmation.)

Urine Test

A medical test of a urine sample to see if it contains evidence of alcohol or some other drug.

Unclaimed Funds

Support payment that can’t be disbursed because the identity of the payor, or the address of the payee, is unknown.


A promise given during a legal proceeding by a party or his or her attorney, usually as a condition of getting some concession from the court or the other party.

Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA)

Uniform state laws that provide mechanisms for establishing and enforcing child support obligations in interstate cases (when a noncustodial parent lives in a different state than his or her child and the custodial parent).

Unreimbursed Public Assistance

Money paid in public assistance to support a child (like, TANF or AFDC) that a noncustodial parent that was ordered to pay child support has not yet paid back.

Unbundled Legal Services (Or Unbundling)

An arrangement with a lawyer to receive help on some parts of a case for a set fee or limited fees. Also called “limited-scope representation.”

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