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Glossary of Legal Definitions

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The following list of legal definitions taken from the California Court's website may be useful in your California Family Law case. For further definitions in other areas of law not covered here, please visit the California Court's website.



Evidence presented at trial by 1 party in order to overcome evidence introduced by another party.


The act of voiding or canceling something, usually probation or a driver’s license.


A short break in a trial ordered by the judge. (See also adjournment; compare continuance.)


A relationship in which 1 state gives certain privileges to other states or the citizens of other states on the condition that the first state and its citizens receive the same privileges in those other states.


A written account of the proceedings in a case, including all pleadings, evidence, exhibits, and judgment submitted during the case.

Record On Appeal

A copy of the pleadings, evidence, exhibits, orders, and judgment, filed in a case in a trial court and atranscript of the testimony from the case.

Records Retention And Disposal Schedule

A system or plan covering all records kept by a court that states what records may be disposed of and when.


To excuse (oneself) or be excused from a criminal or civil proceeding because of conflict of interest. For example, a judge may recuse himself or herself from a case because of personal or professional involvement with 1 or more of the parties.

Remittitur (Of Record)

The transfer of the records of a case from a Court of Appeal to the original trial court for further action or other disposition as ordered by the appellate court.


A court official that records the proceedings in trials, including the questions asked of, and answers made by, witnesses.

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