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Glossary of Legal Definitions

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The following list of legal definitions taken from the California Court's website may be useful in your California Family Law case. For further definitions in other areas of law not covered here, please visit the California Court's website.



A written announcement or warning. For example, a notice to the other side that on a certain date a particular motion will be made in court.

Notice Of Entry Of Judgment

A court form telling the parties about the judge’s decision in a lawsuit.


The legal invalidation of a marriage; annulment. (Compare dissolution.)

Nunc Pro Tunc

When a court order is issued on 1 date but is effective retroactively (as of a date that is in the past); from the Latin for “now for then.”


When someone fails to be as careful as the law requires to protect the rights and property of others.

Noncustodial Parent (NCP)

The parent that does not have primary care, custody, or control of a child. (See also custodial parent.)


Failure to perform an act that you are legally responsible for.(Compare malfeasance, misfeasance.)


When a summons or warrant is issued but not served (delivered).

Notary Public

A person authorized under civil law to administer oaths, to attest (affirm) and certify that certain documents are authentic, and to take depositions.

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